April 30, 2008

Coming Soon: Real Content!

This is a pre-announcement announcement. I'm announcing the upcoming announcement of the address to my new bloggy home. Hopefully, in the next post. Maybe tomorrow. So get those fingers ready for some link-clicking action! Click. Click. Save to bookmarks! Click. Click. Subscribe to feed! Click. Click. KEEP IT UP, YOU'RE DOING GREAT!

In the meantime, I'd like to ask you all to keep me in your thoughts today. We ordered that new Chipmunks movie from Netflix, and it is due to arrive this afternoon. The kids are going to actually want to watch it (the nerve!), which means that I'm going to have to watch it, too. And given that the general consensus among mothers everywhere is that this particular film is about as enjoyable for the average adult as a root canal--I'm afeared*.

*Using this word especially for my hubby, who knows why, and who also happens to be escaping the mental agony of being visited by Alvin, Simon, and Theodore (and Dave) since I plan to reseal the Chipmunk Contagion--I mean, movie--in the Netflix envelope and return it to the mail box and raise that beautiful little red flag POSTHASTE, or to be exact, as soon as the credits begin to roll. It will be ready for the mailman before my husband even gets home from work. (Aside to hubs: I believe this is what is known as "taking one for the team." Reward accordingly. Something chocolatey would be nice.)


  1. Jules said...

    "taking one for the team" LOL! Come to think of it, I do that a lot! A lot more than HE does, anyway! :)

    And The Chipmunks? That deserves something more than chocolate, don't you think? Hmmm... like a spa treatment? (I am a fellow chipmunks hater)

    Looking forward to your new digs!